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Post and Earn

Along with browsing the opportunities provided, we give you an opportunity to earn some money by passing us the information of the jobs available in your area and across country.

If you come across job openings for veterinarians in your area (in local newspapers/journals/ others, just send us the copy of the same, one week before the last day of submitting the applications or mail the availability of job openings available at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can directly post the job information in the website by just registering yourself in the website.

Each different job information posting will be accredited with some points. Details illustrated below:

Job Information

Job InformationPoints Earned
1 Postings * Points
2 Postings ** Points
3 Postings *** Points
4 Postings **** Points
5 Postings ***** Points
Job AdvertisementRupees
***** points 200
*****x 2 points 400
*****x 3 points 600
*****x 4 points 800
*****x 5 points 1000

The earnings just start here…*click here to post new job. [Note for netsoft team-if non registred member clicks here, please lead the page to “Please login to continue. New User? Register here]

The jobs available can be posted on the above site OR could be sent to:

Ms. Nidhi,


Plot No. 5-B, Veersandra Industrial Area,

Bangalore-560 100

Ph: 91 80-40209944

Email id: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You give us the information and we guarantee you the prize money.**

* Incase of duplication of postings of the same jobs available by different individuals, the first person posting the job would be awarded the points.

** The jobs will be validated by an independent body of professionals and the money will be sent according to the relevancy and authenticity of the information

Note: Every job posted in the website is considered for rewarding system and not the number of openings in it.

For example: If Rajesh posts a job with 200 openings, he earns 1 point for posting one job information, no matter how many openings it has but it is considered as one job posting. And five such postings of various jobs will start rewarding Rajesh.


Home Career Tool Uncategorised Rewarding System