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Pashudhan in Hindi means “Animal Wealth”.

The dearth of a quality journal, which failed to recognize animal health care in its entirety, was the beginning of a new era for Natural Remedies as a publisher.

Pashudhan started way back in 1974, has daunted on one vision- to reach out to a cross section of people, giving them information, news, views features and current research in animal health and care. In due course PASHUDHAN etched out a new dimension, the target audience started to get more definitive and the concept of “news you can use” rolled out.

Why read Pashudhan?

  • Veterinarians have found an effective guide, teacher and friend in Pashudhan.
  • Simply because Pashudhan has all that a Veterinarian needs. Right from diseases affecting livestock to what is happening in the lab to eradicate a disease.
  • The information in Pashudhan is also well categorized into specialties like poultry, farming, pet, research and so on.
  • Pashudhan is referred by many students and veterinarians for their academic pursuits. There is a great demand for back issues of Pashudhan, as much as there is for the current issue, simply because every issue of Pashudhan is nothing less than a collector's item.
  • The cost of Pashudhan is affordable. The main objective of Pashudhan is to disseminate information to every nook and corner of the world, reach every farmer, every veterinarian

Regular Features in Pashudhan

The regular columns and features in Pashudhan is one of the reasons for the popularity that it enjoys even among niche’ readers. Pashudhan is 8-page tabloid with two colour pages.

  • Photo feature-A disease or a disorder is illustrated with a photo.
  • Poultry News & Views-The column name says it all. It is everything to do with poultry.
  • Farmer’s File- Looking for articles pertaining to any kind of animal farming. This is just the place.
  • Clinical trials- This is where Pashudhan bridges the gap between theory and practice. All that one has to do is try the product.
  • Research Spotlight- What is happening in the labs around the world? This is for all those who want to read something new.
  • Pet Shop Talk- For all those pet owners who simply love their pets.
  • Six- Point Blank- Point Blank Interview of field experts.
  • National and International News- Keeps you abreast with current news within and outside the country.

How to Contribute?

1. Articles:

We invite you to contribute articles for publication in Pashudhan. The articles sent for publication should be:

a. Neatly typed on one side of the paper with double line spacing. One duplicate copy of the article for publication would have to be furnished.

b. A covering letter should be enclosed along with the article, describing the importance of the article. If the article is sent for publication under any specific column in PASHUDHAN, Viz., Photo feature, Research Spotight, Pet Shop Talk, News item etc., the same has to be indicated.

c. If any photograph is provided in support of the article, a caption is to be written on the back of the photograph. Due credit to the photograph/photographer would be required.

2. News items:

News items should be sent to the Editorial Office by the 14 th of every month for publication in the subsequent month's issue. Items in standard press release format are preferred. All items are published under the discretion of the editorial board.

Pashudhan Team

Editor: Dr.Ruturaj B.Patil,M.V.Sc(Veterinary Medicine)

Sub-editor: Nidhi Upadhyay

Editorial board members: Dr.Divya Divakaran,M.V.Sc(Medicine)

Associate Editors

Dr.V.Raghavan(Assoc.Ed.-Foreign Desk)

Doctor of Vet.Med.(Bangladesh)


Design & Circulation

Mr.Sanjeev Rao J.Bengley

Printed & Published

Mr.Ravinder Kumar Agrawal

for Natural Remedies Pvt.Ltd.,Bangalore

at Sri Ranga Printers Pvt.Ltd.,Bangalore

Editorial Office

5B, Veerasandra Ind.Area,Electronic City Office

Bangalore 560100,Karnataka,India


E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.