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Bond with the best

BEING the highly social creatures that we are, our brains are designed to bond with other people. It is natural for us to interact with others, as any anthropologist would tell you, and form social groups. So why is it that we sometimes struggle in our efforts to connect with the people around us? What are the things that prevent us from bonding and building relationships, both personal and professional with those around us? Truth be told, a lot of our social challenges are of our own making, and most of the things that stand in the way of connecting with other people can be overcome if we put our minds to it.

Some common factors that prevent us from bonding with others or building successful working relationships are :

Lack of interest

If you want to connect with other people, you must be interested in other people. Genuinely interested. As one author puts it, `No-one wants to connect with someone who is only interested in himself.'

Lack of effort

Building any relationship takes time and dedicated effort. So the next time you feel like berating the world for shutting you out, remember only you can do something about it. Do not sit at home waiting for the phone to ring - call someone. Do not wait for your boss to tell you why he or she is not happy - ask. Do not wait for a major crisis to occur before you attend to a problem- solve it now.

Lack of trust

If you are the type who is suspicious of his coworker because he is too efficient, and wary of the boss because he appears too good to be true, you are bound to have trouble building relationships with others. Trust is the basis for any relationship. Without trust, relationships are reduced to being compromises that lack credibility and reliability. Building a culture of trust is not easy; you can only do that through genuine appreciation, courtesy and respect for other people and their points of view. It is a slow process.

Lack of humor

A lot of people take themselves way too seriously. You do not have to goof around or act like a stand up comedian to connect with people, but nobody likes to be around someone who thinks life is one long funeral. If you find it difficult to laugh out loud easily, you are probably not a lot of fun to be around. If you learn to look forward to the bright and sunny side of life, you will find it easy to build and bond with others.

It must be remembered that people who enjoy being with one another are usually more productive in the workplace; they have greater loyalty to each other and to the organization. And, unlike personal relationships, the relationship between an employer and an employee is built on a mutual understanding of expectations and responsibilities. And it is in this context that the ability to build relationships with others assumes great importance.

So, the next time you find yourself struggling to build relationships either at a professional or at a personal level, do not blame it on stress, circumstances, or some such thing. Difficulty in connecting with others is a challenge you can surmount with a little effort.

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